Utopian for project owners

Attracting and retaining a team of contributors to an Open Source project can be nearly impossible without a bounty budget and massive personal efforts.

We are here to change that!

Utopian is the only platform rewarding contributions to Open Source projects by utilizing a decentralized, vote-based reward system built on top of the STEEM blockchain. Our growing community of thousands of professional Open Source contributors is being rewarded daily for developing, debugging and promoting their favorite Open Source projects.

Make Task Requests

Getting contributors to your Open Source project on Utopian is super-easy. Simply sync your GitHub account with Utopian and start crowdsourcing your Open Source project in just minutes. Create task requests to address our international community of professionals, and Utopian will reward the contributors for delivering what you and your project need.

Reward Your Contributors

By utilizing the STEEM blockchain, Utopian can reward contributors to Open Source projects without anyone paying for work directly. The rewards are generated and distributed using a Proof-of-Brain algorithm encouraging the creation and curation of quality content. To Utopian, your contributions to the Open Source world are the quality content.

Get Rewarded for Your Work

Utopian doesn't only reward contributors, but also generates STEEM cryptocurrency revenues for project owners. You can then use those rewards to offer bounties to the community, influence how rewards are distributed, or you can withdraw it to use it however you like.